About Us

GVA Real Estate Group is an Austin-based vertically integrated real estate company committed to creating value in the multi-family real estate sector. GVA specializes in conventional as well as affordable opportunities, paying particular attention to expanding sub-markets. Through owning and managing a diverse set of assets, GVA accomplishes the challenging feat of simultaneously mitigating risk while tapping into market upside.

At GVA we are detail-oriented and meticulous in our culture. Equipped with a keen sense of evolving trends, we are able to consistently identify opportunities that yield profit and produce long-term value. Our directive is to add value, improve communities, while increasing investor’s equity returns safely. Efficiency, innovation, growth and care, these are the core qualities that strengthen the foundation of all that we do at GVA.

Community Outreach

Not only do we add much needed capital to improve our communities – play grounds, repair roofs, buildings, and parking lots. We eliminate mold, security, and pest issues, and beautify the property with landscaping, signage, paint, and interior improvements. We also provide needed social services through community partners like Mount Nebo Austin and Kids-U.org. Our passion is not just about real estate, but the people; those who reside at GVA properties and the team members that oversee them. Ultimately, we want to make a longer lasting impact to every project we commit to.

Below are some of the services we provide to our communities:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Attainable Living
  • Free After School Tutoring
  • Christian Mentoring and Development
  • Onsite Preschool Care

We also support many global initiatives: