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GVA was founded with a mission to make a positive impact on our communities, deliver strong returns for our investors, and provide exceptional career opportunities for our employees.
Since our inception in 2015, we have grown from managing just 312 units with 3 employees to over 29,500 units across 9 different states and 800+ employees.
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Our Recipe for Success

GVA specializes in conventional as well as affordable opportunities, paying particular attention to expanding sub-markets. Through owning and managing a diverse set of assets, GVA accomplishes the challenging feat of simultaneously mitigating risk while tapping into market upside.

At GVA we are detail-oriented and meticulous in our culture. Equipped with a keen sense of evolving trends, we are able to consistently identify opportunities that yield profit and produce long-term value. Our directive is to add value, improve communities, while increasing investor’s equity returns safely. Efficiency, innovation, growth and care, these are the core qualities that strengthen the foundation of all that we do at GVA.

Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

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Property Management

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Community Development & Social Impact

Organizationally, we strive to add value to the properties under our management, but value doesn’t stop at the property line. Not only do we add much needed capital to improve our communities – play grounds, repair roofs, buildings, and parking lots. We also eliminate mold, provide security, and pest issues, and beautify the property with landscaping, signage, paint, and interior improvements. However, our passion is not just about real estate, but the people; those who reside at GVA properties and the team members that oversee them.

In light of that conviction, we provide team member support through a chaplaincy initiative and pursue community development through our strategic partner, WayForward. Additionally, we provide social services through strong community partnerships with local organizations. Ultimately, we don’t simply add value to our properties, but have a passion to see all stakeholders (investors, team members, residents) thrive and to leave a lasting impact on every project in our portfolio and every community we have the privilege to serve.


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